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Download a PDF version with information on flying into Tullahoma- KTHA


There will be a local NOTAM on KTHA for the King Air Gathering.  The outlined ramp area (see picture further down on the page) will be reserved for KAG 2022 aircraft parking.  There are no ramp fees, no landing fees or overnight fees.  Refer to current AFD for KTHA information. There are three color-coded areas for KAG parking below:

This is for registered attendees that are parking until Sunday morning.  These aircraft are both static display and attendee aircraft that will be staying until Sunday morning.

This area is for aircraft that are non KAG and for overflow KAG aircraft that will be moved later into the Main Parking.

If you are flying a non-King Air (traitor) or if you are planning on arriving after 6pm on Thursday or leaving before Sunday morning, this is your area.  Please let the Ramp Personnel know you will be positioned there and they will arrange transportation to the main conference area (during daytime hours).   If you arrive after 1800, there may not be transportation available from the remote parking area.

lease enter the ramp area and contact the KAG Parking Assistance on 123.45.  You will be directed to the appropriate parking location based on your schedule. Parking assistance will be available Thursday 1100 to 1800 and Friday before the start of the conference (8:00 am) for parking assistance.

You will be asked for your departure date and time.   This is to assist us in positioning your aircraft for departure.  If you require fuel, please coordinate directly with the FBO (see below).

What to bring with you and your aircraft:

  1. Chocks – There are none available at the airport
  2. Plugs & Prop Ties – Don’t be ‘”that guy” with your props spinning in the rain.
  3. Control Locks – Do not install the rudder gust lock until you have been moved into your final position.

KTHA Airport Information

Flight Service                    122.2 – Nashville 800-992-7433 (24hr)
AWOS-3                             128.325 – 931-454-2052
Center                               Memphis Center 128.15
Clearance                         Memphis Center – 901-368-8453
CTAF/Unicom                   123.0
Ramp Parking                  123.45
Beechcraft Museum        931-458-1974

  • CAA cards discount cards accepted
  • KAG 2021 Fuel Price: Will be updated in September
  • Airport Contact 931-455-3884 or CTAF 123.0
  • Credit Cards Accepted – Will be updated in September